108 Beads Mala

A Tibetan Buddhist 108 beads prayer mala is a string of 108 beads with one bead as the summit bead called a 'Guru Bead'. It is a tool used to keep your mind on the meditation practice. Our Buddhist 108 prayer beads Malas are generally made from different materials such as valued wooden beads like agarwood, Sandlewood, Bodhi Seed, Scentedrosewood, Rosesandlewood. Also some of the Buddhist prayer beads malas are made from gemstone beads like turuqoise, red coral, mila amber, lapis lazuli, Tridacna, Calcedoine noir, Tiger Eye, Amethyst and so on. Each type of material has certain properties which subtly affect the subconscious mind of the practitioner. All of our Malas were blessed by the Buddhist Masters in Lhasa temple. It is believed that the blessed malas can give people strong support in the aspect of spiritual world.

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6MM Genuine Redsandalwood 108 Beads Mala
6MM Genuine Redsandalwood 108 Beads Mala
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